Design is the visual expression of your promise to the market.

It builds your reputation and adds genuine value to your business.

After building a dynamic working relationship over the past 10 years working with clients such as Coca-Cola, Coles, Country Road, Fonterra, Gillette, Heinz Watties, Holeproof, Jestar, Kraft, Mars Snackfoods, National Foods, Nestle, Oasis, Pacific Brands, Precision International, Victorian Government and Wrigley, we decided to form Peel Design - a small, accessible studio delivering the experience and creative excellence of a
big agency.
Peel Design’s clients include educational, sports, apparel, automotive, insurance, fmcg, arts and retail. Our project range is diverse ranging from brandmarks, packaging, environmental signage, interiors, exhibitions, advertising, print, website and illustration.




Great design is about choice


Great design helps customers choose one product over the next. Because it feels right. Great design connects people with the emotional promises your business is making. To help them believe your product, or service, will make them smarter, healthier, more in control - it will give them status or comfort or peace of mind - it will, somehow, make their life better. That's why we love design. We understand the value great design adds to a product. And we believe, because of the way we work, we can help you find the design that will work for you. To get you noticed for the right reasons. To help people understand why they should choose what you're offering.
To create a design that builds your reputation and adds genuine value
to your business.



How we work


In order to see the solution, we must first see the problem. It's about understanding the business, the issues facing the business, the barriers, the objective, the message. We do this with you. Peeling away the things that get in the way - getting to the core of the issue. It's not always easy. But it's all about caring enough to get through the barriers. We look for the emotional truth of the product or business because the truth is the thing which resonates with your customers. We find it
by cutting away the things that don't matter. We look for the connections between what you offer and what your customer wants. Once we understand the emotional triggers that drive choice, we build the design around that truth. We find a way to celebrate the promise of the product.



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